Big (picture) things come in small packages: why ThinkHatch is the right fit for your business

October is Small Business Month – an entire month dedicated to honouring Canadian small businesses and the passionate people that power them. We are always proud to call ourselves a Canadian small business but have been extra mindful about taking time out this month to reflect on the clients that enable us to grow and thrive.

How One Startup Celebrated Its First Year in Business

This week ThinkHatch proudly celebrates the first-year anniversary of its official launch.

As a startup company itself, ThinkHatch took on the challenge of working alongside other small businesses to guide them through the connected and often overwhelming world of marketing.

Starting a successful small business takes a vision. For ThinkHatch it began with a realization that the current marketing model needed rethinking. Clients’ needs did not match what employees were able to provide during the dated 9-5 work day. Consequently, the model was reworked and resulted in an agency structure that uses a unique cloud-based model. The marketing world needs to improve on providing life balance and well-being for its employees and ThinkHatch used that as its core belief.