Big (picture) things come in small packages: why ThinkHatch is the right fit for your business

October is Small Business Month – an entire month dedicated to honouring Canadian small businesses and the passionate people that power them. We are always proud to call ourselves a Canadian small business but have been extra mindful about taking time out this month to reflect on the clients that enable us to grow and thrive.

Community Connection: Startup Open House 2018

It’s been a busy fall for team ThinkHatch and we are loving every minute of it! Last week we had the opportunity to meet some of the city’s best and brightest as part of the Toronto edition of Startup Open House, held in partnership with Canada’s Tech Fest, Elevate. We always look forward to these kinds of events because it’s an opportunity to connect with the community at large and share some great conversations.

Making Entrepreneurial Dreams a Reality with Toronto Women

This week was a big one for us here at ThinkHatch! Our founder and President, Emily Foucault was a judge at the first ever ‘Build your Dream’ Accelerator Program at Toronto-based women focused co-working space, Make Lemonade. The program was designed to give 10 women-identified people a space to operate their growing businesses, access to one-on-one business coaching on brand strategy, business coaching and financial mentorship at no cost and a kickass community to join.

How One Startup Celebrated Its First Year in Business

This week ThinkHatch proudly celebrates the first-year anniversary of its official launch.

As a startup company itself, ThinkHatch took on the challenge of working alongside other small businesses to guide them through the connected and often overwhelming world of marketing.

Starting a successful small business takes a vision. For ThinkHatch it began with a realization that the current marketing model needed rethinking. Clients’ needs did not match what employees were able to provide during the dated 9-5 work day. Consequently, the model was reworked and resulted in an agency structure that uses a unique cloud-based model. The marketing world needs to improve on providing life balance and well-being for its employees and ThinkHatch used that as its core belief.

Hanging at WestJet’s First Hackathon

This week team ThinkHatch had the pleasure of being part of WestJet’s first-ever hackathon.

Dubbed #hackinthehangar, the event welcomed over 100 members of the tech industry from 16 companies, including major players like Adobe, Deloitte, Facebook, Snap Inc. and Twitter, to the WestJet campus in Calgary. If you’ve never been to a hackathon, the idea is to bring together teams to build digital solutions in a collaborative and fun environment while working in a sprint-like amount of time.

Mental health in the workplace: It’s time to stop glorifying non-stop hustle 

The #SundayScaries might be a trending hashtag across social media come the end of the weekend, but mental health issues in the workplace shouldn’t be written off as another trending topic! These issues are real and getting worse as work-life balance becomes a thing of the past for many. Precarious and contract work impacts employee feelings of job stability and promotes a pressure to work harder and longer at all costs.

How content clutter is leading to content pollution

If you’re a brand on the internet in 2018, chances are you’re creating content. But unfortunately, many brands are more concerned with the number of posts they’re putting out into the world than the quality behind them.

But instead of grabbing more eyeballs, what if valuing quantity over quality content was just creating more noise online and not positively impacting your business? That the result is a sea of sameness where consumers are bombarded with 10s of 100s of articles all coming at them with the same information?