The Mental Health Crisis In Canada’s Marketing Industry

There is a mental health crisis in the Canadian advertising industry. I know because it has impacted my life. As an industry we need to start talking about it for the good of the people working in the business and for the bottom line of our companies.

Why ThinkHatch Is The Right Fit For Your Business

This month is dedicated to honouring Canadian small businesses and the passionate people that power them. We are always proud to call ourselves a Canadian small business but have been extra mindful about taking time out this month to reflect on the clients that enable us to grow and thrive.

Community Connection: Startup Open House 2018

It’s been a busy fall for team ThinkHatch and we are loving every minute of it! Last week we had the opportunity to meet some of the city’s best and brightest as part of the Toronto edition of Startup Open House, held in partnership with Canada’s Tech Fest, Elevate.